Turnaround Time

In Cologne Dental Laboratory , we serve our valued clients with quick turnaround ..
focusing on the quality , the cases and the time for sure
check our turnaround board .
Note : All Cases don’t include the pick-up day for the working days allotted to it


Case Duration
Porcelain works 5 Working days
Gold Crowns and Gold Inlays 4 working days
Metal in Try in 3 working days
After Try – in to Finish 3 working days
Dentures with Chrome 3 working days
Individual Tray/Bites 3 working days
Try in with Teeth 5 working days
Ortho Appliance 3 working days
Study Models 3 working days
Diagnostic Wax Up 3 working days
Composite Crown or Inlay 4 working days

The Studio

At Cologne Dental Laboratory, every patient has a unique set of
needs, desires and possibilities for their dental restorative care. With
that in mind, we place special patient care room to enhance practice
excellence and maintain patient health, safety, comfort and privacy.

the studio

Live Support

Our laboratory oers live support system to provide immediate
customer support and information to the clinics.We do visits your
clinic to discuss together with your patient the proper treatment.
To contact us more, we have our social links to serve you even better,
expect a quick response, follow-ups and technical support.

live support


We are committed to offering quality products and we want
you to be happy with what you received. This is why we
provide 5 YEARS GUARANTEE on our crowns and bridges
work for any fractures or defects that occurred. We strive
to make your experience with us uncomplicated and pleasant.
If it is the case that you require our guarantee to be fulfilled
contact us on 04 3266676 or email info@cdl.ae


Quality Control

Each and every restoration, whether single crown or full
mouth rehabilitation, is subject to the highest standard
Quality Control procedures.


Free Pickup

In Cologne Dental Laboratory our pickups are easy to arrange and
cases are usually collected that day in Dubai Metro, apart from that
we do pickups and delivers to all GCC Areas. For special request or
need an extra urgent, you still have the option to ring our friendly
customer service team who are always available from 8:00am to 9:00pm
Saturday to Thursday to take your call on 04-326-6676.

free pickup